Unique perfume series

This is a revolution in cosmetics.

We produce exclusive perfumery of very high quality.

These perfumes are made of French compounds and contains up to 45% of oil flavor concentrate. Fragrances of this series remain on skin up to 36 hours and on clothes more than 168 hours.Perfumery is presented in a simplified and convenient bottle of 50ml. (a glass flask (Italian glass) in a metal frame with a plastic spray). The perfume compounds do not react with the glass and are shielded from the sunlight. So, you get the fragrance of excellent quality.To date, our line has more than 20 popular fragrances, but we are determined to continue our development and to expand the range of perfumes available to our customers.Nowadays many people tend to emphasize their individuality, creating a personal, unique images. To achieve this aim, we change the hairstyle, figure, clothing, which ensures the formation of a unique personality. However, it is not enough if there is no properly selected fragrance on the human body.

It’s not a secret that the fragrance has a great influence not only on the formation of the person’s image, but also on the impression given on the surrounding people. Aroma, like an aura, is enveloping a person. That’s why it’s the first and the most important element of his image.

The effects of fragrance on the human health

One’s health can be supported in many ways, such as leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well, consuming the missing vitamins, getting good and high-quality medicines on time, watching for health, consulting a doctor when it’s necessary. But given everything, we should surround ourselves by quality goods, because clothes, as well as cosmetics and perfumes, have a strong impact on our health.

Perfumes that create interesting trails of scent can at the same time pose a certain risk. High-quality products should be used. You can buy cheap perfume, but at the same time all the requirements and standards in producing perfumes are followed. In some cases, using of perfumes can be badly reflected on the skin, that may have a serious effect on the whole body. They can be accompanied by the emergence of allergic reactions.

To ensure that the perfume is not harmful to health, but rather promotes a stable good mood, we have added to the perfume an innovative component that marks a new degree of development in the Ukrainian-French cosmetology-Fullerine.

Fullerene has the strongest antioxidant activity, it’s 125 times stronger antioxidant than vitamins C and E.

If a person suffers from stress, one of the granrances of Aromas Fullerene should be used. It is extremely useful for human health. Influencing the area of ​​the brain, this fragrance can take off excessive tension and aggression. Ingredients of Aromas Fullerene perfume have medicinal properties and are used in aromatherapy. They are the perfect cure for  depression.

Five Benefits of Fullerene Perfumes

  1. Hypoallergic (does not cause allergy and skin irritation).
  2. Does not cause respiratory irritation (bronchitis, asthma), etc.
  3. Does not cause hormonal changes in the body (the female hormone “estrogen” and the male hormone “androgen” are not hampered).
  4. Does not depress, but increases the biological envelope of a human (proved by experience using the hardware complex “Onyx”)
  5. All fragrances are selected in combination with C60, so that human endorphins stays on the body for 12 hours.